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Gift the love's ‘AURA’ thisValentine

Friday, July 13, 2012

Nothing speaks the language of love more eloquently than a carefully selected piece of jewellery. And this season make your loved one feel ultra special with beautiful white gold jewellery from AURA at Swarna Mahal Jewellers where you can gift your loved one the promise of forever with a diamond that will last forever.

AURA has been creating exquisite pieces of white gold art since they began operations in 2005 and this Valentine’s Day they are reaching out to young couples in love who want their special day to be celebrated with a touch of class. “Our special Valentine’s Collection has something for everyone starting from Rs. 5,000,” Swarna Mahal Jewellers Manager- Promotions Krishani Jayawardena said. “We want every couple out there to feel special this season.”

A select piece of jewellery from AURA’s dazzling collection is sure to make anyone feel special. Their exquisite 18kt white gold has been designed using stones or studded with diamonds, cubic zircons, pearls and other precious and semi-precious stones to bring out their unique design and enhance the lustre of the metal. From delicate pendants to sparkling earrings, from dazzling necklaces to lustrous bracelets, AURA’s collection for the modern woman is sure to make her heart melt.

However, AURA does not limit to the lady alone. The white gold collection for men is the ideal gift opportunity for a woman of taste for her better half. From funky bracelets and powerful rings to elegant cuff links, the white gold collection for men is designed to inspire him and make him treasure his lady.

Krishani explains that even though white gold jewellery is mainly for the young and the trendy, there are certain customers who, despite their traditional lifestyle, have a taste for this lustrous metal. “Our in-house design team makes sure that we can create jewellery according to their heart’s desire.” And being able to create something special for your loved one is a fulfilling experience which many are sure to enjoy this Valentine’s Day. “You can create a unique design that is special to you and your loved one. AURA gives you the opportunity to create something beautiful.”

“Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love and that includes the entire family. We have a lovely range for children with charm bracelets and earrings that are popular among the little ones,” Krishani said. So, if Valentine’s Day for you means celebrating love with the family, head to AURA to buy your little daughter something extra special. “White gold used to cater to a very select market, but we are trying to make it accessible to everyone. It’s a very special possession to have.”

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